More is Less

I have eaten almost nothing but salad for the last three months. And I can tell you three things:

(1) It's remarkably easy to get used to eating salad. To the extent that you don't crave cakes, chocolates etc.
(2) I now no longer feel ill and exhausted all the time. In fact I didn't realise how lousy I'd been feeling for years - just putting it down to the general malaise of middle age, diabetes, and being born with rubbish genes.
(3) I weigh exactly the same as I did two months ago. And my reflection in the mirror is just as rounded in all the wrong places and not bulging in the nice places at all.

So, on the basis that I'm doing something right, but not enough of it, from today the menu is:

* Leuttice and other green leafy things (lots)
* Cucumber (lots)
* Carrots (lots)
* Onion (lots)
* Beetroot (because why not)
* Kidney beans (a few)
* Chick peas (a few)
* Pepper, salt, flaked red peppers, plus whatever other condiments or herbs I stumble upon
* Vineger, lemon juice or lime juice when the mood takes me (small splashes)
* Less olive oil than previously. Ditto rappa oil, mustard seed oil, ground nut oil, and whatever wild and wonderful oils remain to be discovered in the Mediterrainian supermarket. (if there's a puddle on the plate when nothing else is left, there was too much to begin with)
* Fish - mackerel, sardines etc. (occasional)
* Water (including in tea)

There's absolutely no point in restricting yourself to food you don't like, and there's nothing noble about going hungry. So the plan is to be an utter pig...but a choosy one.

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