Look Back in August

A small personal landmark that went past unnoticed. My tenth blogiversary - at around 10pm on August 22nd, I'd been writing here for years in double digits.

Ten years ago....

  • I was dealing with the end of a hopeless relationship by getting pointlessly drunk and having lots of meaningless sex.

    This last weekend I got drunk with some old friends and afterwards decided to re-visit an old cruising ground, just to see if it still worked for me after all these years.

    And I had pleasantly meaningless sex with three strangers. One of who I kind-of almost fell for - we swapped phone numbers, but any thought of a relationship is, um, hopeless. Which is fortunate, because I only feel romantic when I'm drunk.

    That at least is different now.

  • I was teaching myself to sing, and trying to record some songs. But constantly getting sidetracked by technical issues.

    Today, having promised myself I'd start work on some music, I hit upon a way to synthesise a strummed guitar instead. And spent the day working on that.

  • I'd just finished a contract with an idiot employer.


  • I was running around with a band of socialists, despite severe misgivings about their theories, strategies, and indeed aims.

    Now, most of my non-net friends are disenchanted socialists.

  • I had vague ideas about being a science fiction writer.

    I have vague ideas about being a horror writer.

  • I was back living with my parents.

    Yes. But they don't seem to mind so much this time.

  • I couldn't figure out a snappy way to end a blogpost.


  1. Happy anniversary! 10 years ago I was in a dead end job (still am) and a doomed relationship (I've since come to realize that ALL of my relationships are doomed). The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  2. Ten whole years? Well, it seems you could have spent your blogging hours more fruitlessly, or with a more frenetic debauchery,

    Here's to another 10 years!

    Disillusionment with Socialsim (of the ostensibly benign variety, as opposed to its' mirror-image national(ist) variety, I presume?)

    All it takes is a dash of human nature and a few years of lived experience.