How to Say Goodbye

Three ways to leave. (1) Talk the boss out of his fantasies, so he'll fill out the paperwork which will allow me to leave. (2) Get driven to a country that doesn't need the paperwork, and buy a plane ticket there. (3) Put a brick through a window so the police will deport me. The fantasies of (1) are: That this business which has been bankrupt for 6 months can be turned around and transformed into a cash cow which will make the boss enormously rich. That I am not out of patience with his incompetence and utterly bored with working here. That his one asset (yours truly) can be persuaded to stay, with promises of becoming enormously rich (see above). That breaking several laws by keeping me will go miraculously unnoticed by the authorities. Oh, and that the other school in this town which went bankrupt and the two others which soon will be...are exceptions to the rule. Oh, and that being 2 months in arrears with the rent for my accommodation is neither a breach of contract nor liable to become a problem vis-a-vis my having a place to live. And that I am not as a consequence moving all my stuff into the classroom, just in case. I have actually lived IN a school before - working in Bulgaria for a different delusional incompetent. Oh, and that refusing to answer the phone is an effective coping strategy. Oh, and that I'm prepared to put up with this shit. As for option (2), Interlink - the incredibly slow and bureaucratic company which owes me wages for 3 week's work - should pay me, and the other three teachers it owes, by the end of this week. Which will enable me to get a plane ticket and a ride to the airport. This would entail breaking fewer regulations than staying - go figure. Alternative (3) is a last resort. Making plans is the easy part. Now for the hard part.

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