T = Time

Two years ago I started writing a series of short stories. Today I finished the last one.

One definition of science fiction is: Take the world roughly as we know it, add one magic thing and see what happens.

Aliens land - how do governments react? A new drug is developed with doubles lifespan - how do people cope? 99% of the population becomes blind overnight - how does it change the triffid situation?

My question was: You can travel to the past for one hour to correct a mistake - which mistake do you chose? That, and what are the effects on society of this power?

Nine stories, three overlapping sets of three, overall title: "T". They're deliberately big on discussion and short on action, like the stories of Issac Asimov. I've also tried to be more emotional, more humanistic - these are stories about people, not technology.

T: Yesterday
T: Today
T: Beginning
T: Middle
T: Prelude
T: Interlude
T: Coda
T: End
T: Tomorrow

They're listed here in roughly "chronological" order, but seeing as they're about time travel, you can put them in any order you like. Hope you feel like giving them a try.

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