Kapitano's Kash Konverter

I sometimes need to do quick, rough-and-ready currency conversions. But I can't always remember the conversion rates - so I made a table. You might find it useful.

GBPUSDAdd half
GBPSARMultiply by six
GBPEURAdd a fifth
USDGBPSubtract half
USDSARMultiply by three and a quarter
USDEURSubtract a quarter
SARGBPDivide by six
SARUSDDivide by four
SAREURDivide by five
EURGBPSubtract a fifth
EURUSDAdd a third
EURSARMultiply by five

GBP - Great Britain Pounds (Sterling)
USD - United States Dollars
SAR - Saudi Arabian Riyals
EUR - Euros


  1. How many camels will my dollar get me?

  2. According to what I was told last night, about one millionth. They're ludicrously expensive.

    There's an annual 'Camel Festival' going on at the moment - featuring camel races, camel parades and (I kid you not) a camel beauty contest.

  3. I envy you being close to the camel festival! I would love to see the camel beauty pageant and see who wins! Take pics if you can!