Orange Alert

I have a juicer.

You know the kind of thing - a machine which extracts the moisture from friuts and vegetables, giving you a cup of 'healthy, fresh, vitamin-full' water...and a bowl of dry cellulose pulp to put in stews and things.

Well, I have one. And I only mention it because I just discovered it at the back of a cupboard, and I've no idea how or where I got it.

But my parents assure me, they clearly remember me going on a health-kick years ago, and purchasing a juice extracter gizmo.

So, I have just converted a large bag of carrots into a small cup of carrot juice, which is good, because a small cup is all I was able to drink.

The same carrots, baked with herbs and a little butter though, would be a pleasure to eat.

I've a feeling I had the same realisation years ago, just before I packed away and forgot about the juicer.


  1. Aren't you glad you're not stuck in the TARDIS with Mel? :-D

    I'm with you - I'd rather eat carrots that have been seasoned and cooked.

  2. I'd much rather be stuck in the tardis with Adric and Jamie :-).

    Though I've a feeling they'd run off together. Possibly either side of Captain Jack.

    Actually, Mel wasn't a bad character in the Bif Finish audios - Bonnie Langford had some half decent scripts to work from. So I'd be okay with her in audio only form.

  3. I like the audio Mel much better than the TV Mel - no carrot juice and considerably better material.

    Jamie and Jack ... what a yummy pairing!

  4. I don't think this about juice anymore!