Down the Tubes (Part 2)

First stop, Green Park. Chosen simply because I'd never heard of it before.

Opposite the station is a 'The Brasserie'. A 'the brasserie' is not a high-society bra shop, but an expensive restaurant.

Central London is full of large stone buildings constructed in a Brisish Empire pastiche of a Roman rip-off of Ancient Greek architecture.

I once spent a year getting a fun but useless qualification in something called "Classical Civilisation". Thus I have (a) read Homer in translation and (b) memorised the difference between Ionian and Doric columns. These are Ionian.

I also wrote a thesis asking whether Marx's image of a postcapitalist society was influenced by the sketch of a state ruled by philosopher-kings in Plato's Republic. My answer: No.

But it could only be in late globablised capitalism that (a) a mouthful of coffee costs GBP1.50 and (b) you stand in line for fifteen minutes to buy the coffee just so you can ask for the key to the toilet just so you can have a wee.

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  1. You warmed the depths of my Anglophile soul with this post. :-)