Look at My Junk

Okay, I have a website.

Which is to say, a bundle of stuff for people to surf, which gets expanded as and when and if I have something to add. As distinct from a blog, which is the most recent page of a diary, with previous pages attached for the curious.

Or alternatively, a website is a place I can show what I'm doing, whereas a blog is a place I can say what I'm thinking.

Or, a site's a service, a blog's an ego trip.

Either way, now I've got both. It's early stages yet, but if you're into samples for music or utilities for utilising, you might like it. Later, when I've done some music and videos, they'll go there too.

Have a visit, and let me know what you think of the 1970s decor.


  1. I like the website; I feel like I should be able to play Space Invaders on it. :o)

    Congratulations on the ...er...provocative post title, by the way.

  2. A Space Invaders game! I'm sure there's a javascript/flash version somewhere.

    The title just came to me...after several minutes trying to think of some witty pun. So I settled on a bad joke.

  3. I liked looking at your junk. ;)

    The download of Audition goes to a 404 not found (and the url is mis-formed: it ends ',rar'). Other than that peachy-neat. Font is funky, too.


  4. Thanks Cam. My junk is there to be looked at. And at least I know the 404 page works :-).

    I'll have to change the CSS and HTML quite a lot to make it IE9 compatible. And again to make it IE7 compatible. And again for IE6.

    Glad you liked to font - I kind of fell for it as soon as I stumbled upon it. While looking for something else, inevitably.

    I'll update as soon as I've finished the latest bit of, er, junk.

  5. Why on earth bother with the early IE? I'd forget IE6 and 7 - unless you're a masochist ;)

    All the best with your junk.